Cooking Diary Cheats, Tips & Method Tips Guide: a€“

  • Help guidelines a€“ you get assistance points by improving the guild members. Go to the talk tab and tap the help button(if a member have asked for)
  • Guild Things a€“ These factors may be attained by finishing the guild quests(together, all customers)plete the quests, obtain guild things, as well as your guild will go for the leaderboard
  • Feel Points a€“ you get these guidelines in line with the benefit you get by completing the guild quest. Discover the forest chart:
  • Wooden Upper Body a€“ 1 Event Point
  • Valuable Chest a€“ 2
  • Legendary Torso a€“ 3

Go right to the guild eating plan -> drop by my guild tab -> tap the (i) symbol and choose to exit. Read more