I may do some of them as a tutorial type thing if you guys are interested?

In the little spare time I managed to find this week I have also started a series of sketches this week that I will let you all see once the series is completed, I'm quite secretive about my work while it's ongoing. I'm also adapting some of my clothes to bring them a bit more up to date and just for a bit of difference in the wardrobe, might as well make the most of the free time and lack of money induced creativity, pics to follow when things are complete. Between appointments for the job centre, filling out application forms and arts and crafts I haven't really had time for much else haha. Although one thing I have noticed is that I've stopped sleeping properly, I'm not sure whether there's a reason behind it or whether it's just a cyclical thing like when I was at university, but either way I don't like it! Especially because according to my mother it's unacceptable to sleep during the day unless you're ill, old, a baby, a cat or a dog. So from now on if I'm grumpy I will blame her!

I've always had a case of writer's block, and my words often come out as crushed ice although I wished they sounded like cubed ice. But let me put on some inspiring music, and bring the beste echat openingszinnen hope that my words will sound cool.

Whelp, I'm Yessenia

Yessenia Reynoso to be exact, but there's more on my birth certificate (Let's save that for another time).

My heritage can be traced back to two tiny towns in Zacatecas, Mexico called Moyahua and Mexquital Del Oro, but my parents are a bit concerned and think it might have not reached to me. I don't blame 'em. Often times my family wants to send me back to Mexico to reassure themselves that they have raised a Mexican child. That's tough. Although I thought being able to identify non-traditional Mexican meals, and eat Tapatio on everything would help me, it doesn't make the cut. But then there are times where my parents feel joy and surprised when they see their daughter who speaks Spanish like an elementary school student sing along to Antonio Aguilar song. But hey, you put El Chavo Del Ocho and Chespirito on T.V. and you better believe I'll be laughing up a storm, ESO ESO ESO ESO ESO!. But I'll move on from my Mexican identity crisis. OSEA!

After high school, I found myself leaving my home of 18+ years and ending up in Washington attending New Life Leadership College. It turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. That's another story/post I will post in the future! #NORTHWESTISBEST, Y'ALL, but also mutual love for #WESTCOASTISBESTCOAST!(Picture Above: Just a wee glimpse of what took place in NLLC. RONNY WILSON'S Class. And also, EPIC SELFIE.)

I ended up falling in love with the beautiful Evergreen State, and hope to move to the Seattle area in the future

And here is a picture of me after high school graduation before freshman fifteen (twenty five) hit me like a wrecking ball with Zachary's Pizza in mah belly, and the best ice cream you'll ever have, ICI'S (WORTH THE 30 MINUTE WAIT, YO!), and hello kitty bandages because homegurl over here might have had a shaving accident that day. I was wearing heels earlier that day, and might have spent my time praying that I will not trip through out the whole ceremony. BUT HEY, I MADE IT, I walked like newborn Bambi, but I MADE IT! But I kinda still haven't picked up my high school diploma after a year, now that's tough.